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Leisure Studies | Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration | Tourism and Travel


Interviews of nonresident repeat vacationers to Montana told the story of their very first visit to Montana. Seventy percent came to Montana and visited either Yellowstone or Glacier National Park. Thirty percent came originally for business, VFR, or passing through. All of these visitors felt the need to return to Montana. This report discusses the first and subsequent visits to Montana. Marketing implications of this study suggest that Yellowstone, specifically, and Glacier secondly, should be used to draw first time visitors to Montana. Other first time visitors are drawn to Montana for specific activities such as fishing, skiing, hunting, backpacking, scenery, and history. These activities need to part of the marketing message. Policy implications of this study suggest that Montana’s tourism industry should be strong supporters of federal lands, especially the national parks since these parks are responsible for about 70 percent of the tourism draw to the state. Without Yellowstone and Glacier, the economic impact of nonresidents to the state would be substantially reduced.


repeat visitors, return visits, first visits, Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, national parks, outdoor recreation, history


Research Report 2009-6


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