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Montana Law Review

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Editor-in Chief Gareld F. Krieg Associate Editors Calvin A. Calton (fall 1956) Rae V. Kalbfleisch (fall 1956) Richmond F. Allan (fall 1956) Note Editor Calvin A. Calton (spring 1957) Recent Decision Editor Rae V. Kalbfleisch (spring 1957) Book Review Editor Richmond F. Allan (spring 1957) Business Manager Robert C. Johnson Staff McKinley T. Anderson, Jr. Douglas P. Beighle Jack H. Bookey James J. Bottomly George C. Dalthorp Wallace L. Herreid Earl M. Genzberger Robert W. Jasperson Robert B. Gillan Robert W. Jasperson Ward A. Shanahan Faculty Advisor Edward L. Kimball

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