Willis Hill Interview, April 6, 1990


Willis Hill


Ileen Ricci and Daniel Hall



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Willis Hill recalls his childhood in Minnesota, Canada, and Montana. He describes working for a dragline outfit based in Lovell, Wyoming, building roads and digging canals in the Cody and Jackson Hole area, starting when he was 16. Hill discusses the wildlife saw and the harsh weather he endured, as well as stories about equipment breaking down. He talks about moving his family back to Great Falls, Montana during a winter snowstorm, traveling in temperatures as low as 40 below. He details his time working for the Anaconda Copper Mining Company [ACM] in the smelter at the zinc plant in Great Falls, before moving to the Bitterroot Valley during World War Two. Hill recalls dairy farming in the Valley, where some of his cows died from brucellosis and he fell ill with ungulate fever. He talks about moving to Missoula and working as a carpenter until his eyesight began to fail and he had to retired. He discusses his volunteer work with the city food bank, Meals on Wheels organization, and other community institutions. He also concludes by mentioning his membership in fraternal organizations and talks about his children and grandchildren.


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Canada; Minnesota; Dragline; Great Depression, 1929-1939; World War, 1939-1945; Butte, Montana; Mining; Great Falls, Montana; Missoula, Montana; Bitterroot Valley, Montana; Judith Gap, Montana; Lovell, Wyoming; Cody, Wyoming; Jackson Hole, Wyoming; Teton National Park; Dairy farming; Brucellosis; Ungulate fever; Zinc refinery; Smelters; Anaconda Copper Mining Company [ACM]; Family history

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Willis Hill Interview, April 6, 1990