Michael “Fitz” Fitzpatrick and Chris Farinetti Interview, July 4, 1983


Nick Sundt



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Mike “Fitz” Fitzpatrick and Chris Farnetti, smokejumpers in Alaska at a remote fire camp near Manley Hot Springs, describe their smokejumping experiences. Fitzpatrick recalls how and why he got started smokejumping and describes his rookie training. He offers his opinions how he thinks rookie training should be conducted, noting that the training seems to get a bit easier every year. Fitzpatrick talks about on-the-job experiences, including the frequency of bear sightings when jumping fires in Alaska. Fitzpatrick tells a story of encountering three large Kodiak bears after a jumping expedition, and having to climb on top of some abandoned buildings in order to escape. He and Chris Farinetti compare the smokejumper program in Alaska to the program in the lower 48 states. They note that individual bases in Alaska have more freedom to make decisions, whereas bases in the lower 48 are subject to tighter regional control. Fitzpatrick and Farinetti, as well as the other jumpers present during the interview, describe their concerns for the future of the smokejumper program if women are allowed to enter it. They talk about the likelihood that jumping standards will be lowered in order to accommodate women, who they feel are unlikely to have the physical strength to do the job. Smokejumpers Chuck Healam, Ron Rucker, Norm Baker, Scott Neilson, Shelby Rutledge, and Mike Durtschi participate occasionally throughout the interview.


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Smokejumpers, United States; Women smokejumpers; Gender disparity, smokejumpers; Recruitment procedures, Smokejumpers; Smokejumpers, physical requirements; Smokejumper history; Smokejumping; Forest fires; Smokejumper standards; Redmond, Oregon; Winthrop, Washington; Redding, Alaska; Fairbanks, Alaska; Bear sightings; Bear attacks; Kodiak bears; Grizzly bears; Black bears

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Twentieth century

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Michael “Fitz” Fitzpatrick and Chris Farinetti Interview, July 4, 1983