Dean Johnson and Steve Reynaud Interview, June 28, 1981


Nick Sundt and Charlie Bragdon



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Dean Johnson and Steve Reynard discuss smokejumping and smokejumping culture during the 1960s and the 1970s. Johnson and Reynard talk about training new smokejumpers and how training was designed to prepare new smokejumpers for high-stress and life-threatening situations. Johnson and Reynard describe the dangerous experiences they had experienced as a smokejumper. They discuss smokejumper culture; explaining that many of the smokejumpers were young men who drank, smoke, partied, and engaged in hazing and bar fights. Johnson and Reynard talk about the regulations and standards for smokejumpers, such as dress code and exclusion of female smokejumpers. They explain that in the late 1970s, the standards were changed to allow women to smokejump. Johnson and Reynard conclude that during the 1960s and ‘70s, most smokejumpers considered the work to be a temporary lifestyle, and that many smokejumpers went on to other careers.


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Smokejumpers, United States; Smokejumper history; Smokejumping; Forest Fires; Parachutes; Rookies; Hazing, smokejumpers; Tom Bowen; Smokejumper crews; Helicopters; Mess Hall; Barracks; Women smokejumpers; Gender disparity; Initiation, smokejumpers; Military; Military draft; Vietnam War, 1955-1975; Germany; Francis Lufkin; Missoula, Montana; Bill Moody; Smokejumper standards

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Dean Johnson and Steve Reynaud Interview, June 28, 1981