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This report was prepared for the University of Montana by the Hope Center for College, Community, and Justice at Temple University.

Invitations to complete the questionnaire were sent by email to 9,805 students from University of Montana and 1,493 students participated. Thus, the estimated response rate is 15.2%.

Students at University of Montana told us that...

- 63% experienced at least one form of basic needs insecurity, including

- 32% who experienced food insecurity in the prior 30 days,

- 50% who experienced housing insecurity in the previous year, and

- 23% who experienced homelessness in the previous year.

We also learned that...

- 29% had a close friend or family member who was sick with COVID-19, while 4% were sick with COVID-19 themselves.

- 44% of students exhibited at least moderate anxiety.

- 11% of students who experienced basic needs insecurity used emergency aid, but 44% had not heard of emergency aid programs on campus.

- 50% of students experiencing basic needs insecurity did not apply for campus supports because they did not know how.

- 49% of students experiencing basic needs insecurity received some form of public assistance.