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University of Montana Rural Institute

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Community Health and Preventive Medicine | Public Health


In 1999, the U.S. Supreme Court affirmed the right of individuals with disabilities to receive services in "…the most integrated setting." Since then, centers for independent living (CILs) and other disability advocacy organizations have worked to transition adults with disabilities from inappropriate nursing home placements to community living.


health and wellness, nursing home emancipation, deinstitionalization, advocacy, independent living, rural, disability


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Granting Agency

Agency for Health Research and Quality; National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research


The following provided direction, guidance and detailed assistance on this project: Linda Gonzales and Billy Altom (Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living); Mike Oxford (Topeka Independent Living Resource Center); Richard Petty (Community Living Exchange Collaborative, Independent Living Research Utilization); Glen White (University of Kansas, Research and Training Center on Independent Living); and Bob Kafka (ADAPT). Agency for Health Research and Quality grant #1 R21 HS016166 supports this research, with additional support from National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research, U.S. Department of Education grant #H133B030501.

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AHRQ R21 HS016166; NIDRR: H133B030501