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For Leonardo da Vinci “saper vedere”, that is, knowing how to see, or having the art to see, was the key to unlocking the secrets of the visible world. Saper vedere included a precise sensory intuitive faculty as well as artistic imagination (Heydenreich, 1954) which were at the root of Leonardo’s inventiveness and creativity. According to Leonardo, to understand, you only have to see things properly (Bramly 1994, p. 264). Knowing how to see is also important in mathematics. The Italian mathematician Bruno de Finetti (1967) stresses this importance in his book on “Saper vedere” in mathematics. He highlights several aspects of knowing how to see in mathematics, such as knowing how to see the easy, how to see the concrete things, and how to see the economical aspects. He also discusses in what ways knowing how to see also helps us to better recognize the meaning of general and systematic methods of mathematics represented in formulas. His book starts by highlighting the importance of reflection for learning the art of seeing.

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