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Mathematics teachers in many parts of the world have been facing many challenges in recent years. In Iceland teachers in lower secondary school have been implementing a new reform oriented curriculum. Many researchers claim teachers need considerable support if they are to meet the demands of the current reforms in mathematics education. This paper explores whether mathematics teachers at lower secondary level in Iceland are given good opportunities to develop professionally during the last five years and if not what can possibly be done to improve the situation. My conclusion is that the opportunities given are limited and do not meet features that characterize effective professional development. That specially applies for duration and coherence which are considered very important features along with, focus on content, active learning and collective participation. The organisation and funding of professional development in Iceland does not seem to allow for continuation and progression. One important step to deal with this problem would be to make it easier for teachers to attend courses at the universities and to arrange courses in such a way that teachers and student teachers can collaborate and form a learning community.

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