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This second part of two related articles reports the answers to the research question: What precise supports must be in place for Grades 5 to 12 teachers to enhance their mathematics classes in a sustainable way with Indigenous mathematizing and Indigenous worldview perspectives? In addition to various logistical supports, two other types of supports were identified: supports for learning and unlearning ways of perceiving the world generally and perceiving Western mathematics specifically. These needed supports came to light when we mentored the teachers. On the one hand, the co-researching teachers learned, or had already learned: (a) the plurality of mathematical systems; (b) the perspective of Western mathematics as a human endeavor along with its values, ideologies, and definitions; (c) the mere inclusion of Indigenous mathematizing in a lesson is not enough; and (d) the goal of two-eyed seeing. On the other hand, the co-researching teachers unlearned, or had already unlearned: (a) pure mathematics’ claim to be value-free, (b) all students have a predilection to excel at mathematics, and (c) subtle appropriation committed by many mathematics educators as if it were common sense to do it.

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