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This article proposes an exercise of problematization and denaturalization of a math classroom that is born from research carried out with a cartographic approach, in which, when occupying the elementary school math classroom, questions are asked: what happens in a math classroom? Which mathematics happens in a classroom? The event is here in affinity with the philosophy of the event of Gilles Deleuze, in which event is that which cuts time off, drags it, breaks it. Events are possible worlds that erupt in the things that happen. To do so, the writing of this paper takes place in relation to an episode in a classroom, evoking events that involve mathematical production, "mistakes" and learning, experiencing engendering of learning in the learning process. This writing involves two problematizing movements: the first one unfolds the problem of connection between learning and teaching in mathematical education; the second one in which, by the force of the event in the math classroom, the connection between learning and teaching as something necessary is under suspicion since it suffers an inflection in tradition in and of a mathematical education.

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