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It is necessary to expand the analysis about affective processes in mathematic learning in different contexts. In Brazil this research area is still in the embryonic phase, but it is a space that has strong potential to respond the gaps that still exist in the field, leading to the understanding affective processes in mathematic learning. It is in this way that the present research aims to analyze how the mathematic learning difficulty is produced in the subjectivity of a child from the elementary school in Brazil. To understand how the student's development occurs in the school space, and how the difficulty is build, we took as a theoretical basis the Theory of Subjectivity by Fernando González Rey. The case study was a resource used in the constructive-interpretative process. The research was carried out in a public school in the Distrito Federal, Brazil. The mathematic learn difficulty, in this work, was produced by the research participant in different contexts, including, family, school and friendships. Several experiences and influences of the person generate subjective senses that will emerge in subjective configurations in often school activities, regardless if these subjective senses were produced in school or outside it.

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