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This article aims to present a public policy of large-scale literacy teachers continued training, the Pacto Nacional pela Alfabetização na Idade Certa (PNAIC), making a summary of the Brazilian dissertations and theses results which approached this public policy in the context of Mathematical Education. Initiated in 2012, the PNAIC involved more than three hundred thousand literacy teachers, from more than five thousand cities for five years. This article uses a qualitative research approach, in the descriptive modality, showing a status of the art of these researches. The set of works analyzed was divided into three groups, according to their declared research objectives: Objective 1: To analyze-investigate the meanings brought by the literacy teachers about the PNAIC (75.5%); Objective 2: To analyze-investigate the meanings brought by the other participants about the PNAIC (7.5%); and Objective 3: Unveil the PNAIC (17%). The analysis of the researches results associated with these objectives allowed us to reach four conclusions: 1) The trainings promoted by PNAIC supported changes in the pedagogical practices of the literacy teachers; 2) the trainings promoted by PNAIC were necessary, but they were not enough to combat illiteracy; 3) the trainings promoted by the PNAIC induced the literacy teachers to reflections about the pedagogical practices and 4) the trainings promoted by the PNAIC showed weaknesses. In summary, this article presents an initial analysis of the scope from the manifested studies in dissertations and theses and supports the realization of new studies in order to deepen the analysis and evaluation of the varied aspects of one of the broadest training programs ever implemented in Brazil.

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