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This article approaches the relationship between mathematics education and field education, based on the academic production of the research group on mathematics education in field education contexts (Gpemce) created in 2008 at the Federal University of Pernambuco. After presenting the repercussions and lines of research of the group, we reflect on the roots and principles of field education and some approximations of this domain with mathematics education. Then, we present a documentary study, whose corpus consists of 20 articles published in journals by researchers from Gpemce from 2009 to 2020. These articles are organised around four thematic categories that are associated with the research lines of the group: teaching and learning mathematics in field education contexts; relationships between curriculum contents, mathematical practices and productive field activities; resources in the teaching of mathematics in field schools and qualification of mathematics teachers of schools in field areas. The study highlights the diversity of educational subjects, themes, and sociocultural contexts contemplated in the research, and points out ways to conduct new investigations that contribute to deepen our understanding of the teaching and learning of mathematics in field schools and initial and continuing teacher education in field education contexts.

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