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Mathematics is a dynamic field of knowledge of human creation and invention that is in continuous expansion. However, the mathematics is presented as a ready and finished field of knowledge in school systems, and there is no concern with the development of cognitive processes other than memorization and symbolic manipulation, therefore, there is no concern with stimulating the development of cognitive processes such as creativity, present in the development of mathematics. On the other hand, the concepts of scientifical mathematics as infinite and infinitely small that are related to the understanding of the dynamics present in phenomena, do not have didactic treatment to be presented to students of basic education. In this work, I will propose an approach of mathematics by mean of the fundamental concepts from the first school levels, approaching mathematics as a semiotic activity based on the possibilities of interpretations of Zeno's aporias, as metaphors of the infinite, to develop creativity in the didactics of mathematics. This work will present description of didactic phenomena during teacher education.

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