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This paper identifies the knowledge that emerges from collaborative situations, in an initial teachers’ education with integration of digital technology for teaching of function, in a blended and collaborative modality course, aiming to emerge Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge (TPACK) in pre-service teachers. The method comprised the design of a teachers’ collaborative training experiment. The experiment had five phases, from a theoretical discussion to plan an Instrumental Orchestration to teach function with digital resources. Collaboratively, students worked in groups. The participants were students from a Mathematics teachers’ education. The experiment took place in the Teaching Methodology of Mathematics discipline at a public university in Brazil. This article focuses on the analysis of students’ knowledge in the planning stage, carried out collaboratively. The data analysis pointed out the three types of Technological, Pedagogical and Content knowledge were identified in different phases of the experiment, sometimes collectively, sometimes individually. In addition, we also identified that some intersections of TPACK emerged from the interactions; despite being in the initial stage of training, the students show pedagogical knowledge linked to knowledge of the content they had at the time of the training experiment.

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