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In this paper I will first examine an example of secondary mathematics teacher education in the USA, namely Virginia, then compare it with the secondary teacher education in Denmark. The purpose is both to investigate how much mathematics the students get in the respective systems and secondly to see what this type of teacher education communicates about the values emphasized in the various countries’ education systems. I spent more time on explaining the Danish education system than that of the USA and the single states since it is assumed that the reader is familiar with these systems. One cannot necessarily deduce from number of courses how much mathematics the student actually “gets” since this depends on particular passing requirements as well as requirements of entry, the specific content of the courses both in terms of levels of difficulty and topics, etc. However, a comparison of course load indicates how much study of “mathematics” is perceived enough, or minimum, to teach secondary mathematics from the national or state political perspective (who might see a direct link between course load and knowledge).

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