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The average age for teachers in mathematics and physics in Norway is about 60 (Sørensen, 2003) and few students taking a masters degree in a science subject choose a career as a teacher (KD, 2006). This implies that there may be a critical lack of science teachers in schools in the near future (Næss, 2002). At the same time, rather many graduated engineers – who have worked as engineers sometimes several years – want to contribute to the educational setting by taking part time jobs as teachers; lector-II (Vassnes, 2008). To combine this supply and demand for qualified teachers in mathematics, a professional development program in mathematics for engineers is planned. Focusing on this education, a research project is planned. It shall be a design research which initially will include a design of the tailored program in cooperation with the practitioners. This will be followed by an investigation of the engineers who take part in the program: How their mathematical knowledge develops as a result of completing the education.

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