UMCUR 2012 Award Winners


Fine Arts: Song of the Tui, an Exploration of New Zealand Birds by Clare Antonioli (Nicole Bradley-Browning, mentor)

Humanities: Access to and Affordability of Transportation on the Fort Belknap Reservation and Its Impact on the Local Economy and Quality of Life by Jayme Fraser (Jeremy Lurgio, mentor)

Life Sciences: Determining cell-type specific effects of M1 muscarinic acetylcholine receptors by Samantha Mitchell (Josh Lawrence, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Geometry of an (infinite) family of tangles by Jay Egenhoff et al. (Eric Chesebro, mentor)

Social Sciences: Minority Rules: How Being Black Saved Joan Little’s Life and Unified Feminism by David Baker (Tobin Miller Shearer, mentor)


Humanities: Water is for Fighting by Hannah Grover (Dennis Swibold, mentor)

Life Sciences: The role of ClpP protease in gene regulation of the Lyme disease bacterium by Megan Hatcher (Scott Samuels, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Sustainable Computing Through Desktop Virtualization by Lance Pellerin (Tom Gallagher, mentor)

Social Sciences: Forensic Soil Effects and Chemistry of a Corpse Burning Site by Megan McCallum (Randall Skelton, mentor)

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