UMCUR 2014 Award Winners


Humanities: Environmental Justice & HidroAysén: Pristine Waters to Power Santiago, Multinational Mining Interests in Chile by David Schaad (Daniel Spencer, mentor)

Life Sciences: The Role of RNase Y in Gene Regulation During Transmission of B. burgdorferi by Jeanette Comstock (Scott Samuels, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Modular Abstraction of Complex Real Time Analysis by Benjamin Campbell (Joel Henry, mentor)

Social Sciences: Second Language Acquisition in Blackfeet Rhythm by Jesse Desrosier (Mizuki Miyashita, mentor)

Visual and Performing Arts (including Creative Writing): Dancing Through the Lens by Brooke Carlisle (Heidi Jones-Eggert, mentor)


Life Sciences: Evaluating neurite outgrowth and signal integration in response to NGF and GDNF in neuroblastoma cell lines by Sarah Hendricks (Mark Grimes, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Stratigraphic and Sedimentologic Analysis of the Bear Gulch Limestone (Mississippian-Pennsylvanian) near Grass Range, Montana by Pamela Lavering (Marc Hendrix, mentor)

Social Sciences: Donors to Social Welfare Organizations: Are they avoiding gift tax? by Jill Sharp (Joshua Herbold, mentor)

Painting and Print Exhibition: eleutheromania by David Sampson (MaryAnn Bonjorni, mentor)

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