UMCUR 2018 Award Winners


Humanities: "But Where Are the Factory Girls?": New England's Textile Mill Women and Work in Published and Personal Memory, 1835-1860 by Breann "Ellen" Watterson (Anya Jabour, mentor)

Life Sciences: Use of genetic techniques to address biases in northern goshawk turnover metrics by Carly Muench (Erick Greene, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Mapping Mount Saint Helens: Capturing the Volcano's Geomorphologic Change over Time by Jennifer Haas (Sarah Halvorson, mentor)

Social Sciences: The Risk of Tax Avoidance through Charitable Donations in the U.S. Art Market by Laura Sikoski (Amanda Dawsey, mentor)

Visual and Performing Arts (including Creative Writing): 2° Celsius by Katie Conrad (Nicole Bradley Browning, mentor)


Humanities: The Evolution of Microaggressions Against Native Americans in Montana History Books by Lacey Desalles et al. (Olivia Holter, mentor)

Life Sciences: Life History Variation in Non-Native Brook Trout by Madeline Lewis (Andrew Whiteley, mentor)

Life Sciences: A bacteriophage integrase regulates virulence factor production in Pseudomonas aeruginosa by Autumn Robinson (Patrick Secor, mentor)

Life Sciences: Quantifying the Presence of Alternative Reading Frames in the Human Genome by Sarah Walling (Travis Wheeler, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Ameliorate the Negative Effects of Drought on Blanket Flower by Patrick Demaree (Anna Sala, mentor)

Social Sciences: Caregivers of Stroke Survivors with Language Impairments: The Impact of an Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program on Caregiver Psychosocial Well-being by Haley McMahon and Bridget Brannan (Catherine Off, mentor)

Social Sciences: Sometimes Hesitancy is Key: Effects of Moral Deliberations on Children's Interpretation of Credibility Cues by Kali Taylor et al. (Rachel Severson, mentor)

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