Franke Global Leadership Initiative (GLI): REWILDING CHILDREN: Creating Digital Tools for K-5 Wildlife Education by Ashley Sinclair, Jeffrey Hyer, Mitchell Reynolds, Megan Jackson, Makayla Haynes, Nicole Ballard, Katelyn Graybeal (Elena Bigart, mentor)

Humanities: The Pedagogy of James Baldwin: What Undergraduate Peer Educators Stand to Learn from Emancipatory Teaching Processes by Arwen Baxter (Lauren Collins, mentor)

Humanities: Les Chiques: The Addition of a Third Gender-Neutral Option in the Spanish Language by Fiona Siobhan Bean (Dora LaCasse, mentor)

Life Sciences: Distant Early Warning in Alarm Responses in Chickadees and Nuthatches – Do birds use their avian neighbors as sentinels? by Graydon William Prosser Hidalgo (Erick Greene, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Reconstructing Historical Wildfire Temperatures by Analyzing Lake Sediment Charcoal Using Infrared Spectroscopy by Madison Grace Miller (Philip Higuera, mentor)

Social Sciences: Supporting Middle-Elementary-Age, Second-Language English Speakers: The Effects of Student-Centered Learning and Scaffolding by Madison Baroch (Mizuki Miyashita, mentor)

Visual and Performing Arts (including Creative Writing): Mother Courage & her Children - Defining a New Era of Art in the Age of Coronavirus by Kendall B. Seibel (Pamyla Stiehl, mentor)


Life Sciences: Improving Population Monitoring of Wolverines by Integrating Noninvasive Genetic Monitoring and Remote Camera Trapping by Nicole Bealer (Mark Hebblewhite, mentor)

Physical Sciences: Analyzing the multipath of GPS time series to study snow properties by Ashlesha Khatiwada (Hilary Martens, mentor)

Social Sciences: Preparing Students who Stutter for Postsecondary Employment: A Survey of SLPs in Montana by Neiman Alexis Snetzer (Ginger Collins, mentor)

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