University of Montana COVID-19 Oral History Project

Samuel Askin and Taylor Wilkerson Interview, June 16, 2020


John Stefanek



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Twitch streamers Samuel Askin and Taylor Wilkerson briefly recount their experiences growing up prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Wilkerson recalls moving from state-to-state while Askin discusses living in Helena, MT and then moving to Texas with Taylor before settling back in Helena. Askin and Wilkerson both describe the video games they played throughout their lives and note that they first met over an online game. The couple discuss their experiences using Twitch to stream their gaming sessions online and their preference for cooperative games. Askin and Wilkerson describe living in Helena during COVID-19. They note that the pandemic did not dramatically alter their work because they worked from home before the pandemic but mention difficulties such as being away from family and avoiding anxiety over COVID-19 news. The couple discuss their opinions on the state of Montana reopening and the increase of COVID-19 cases in June. Askin and Wilkerson also recount their experiences at the Black Lives Matter protests in Helena.


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COVID-19 pandemic; Global pandemic; Public history; Western Montana; Coronavirus pandemic; Public health and safety; Missoula County; Montana public health; Social distancing; Masks; Anxiety; Black Lives Matter; Call of Duty; COVID-19 testing; Family gatherings; Montana State Health Department; Helena, Montana; Minecraft; Montana State University-Billings; Online classes; P.C. gaming; Peggie; Phased reopening; Pokemon; Black Lives Matter protests; Nintendo; Relationships; Reddit; Streamers; Social distancing; Social media; Software development; Twitch; Video games; Xbox; YouTube; Zoom

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Samuel Askin and Taylor Wilkerson Interview, June 16, 2020