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Anne Basinski

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Anne Basinski


art song, music, performance

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Robertson, Claire, B.A., May 2016 Music and Russian

Performance and Analysis of Poetry and Music in Art Song

Faculty Mentor: Anne Basinski

This senior project is in conjunction with and will culminate in a Senior Recital, performed March 30, 2016 in the UM Music Recital hall, with a collaborative accompanist and guest singers. Ultimately, this senior project will, through both performance and research paper, explore shared elements of song and poetry. Along with the primary performance aspect, the research paper will ultimately synthesize some analysis of poetry (the most basic element of the song cycle) and literary components of a narrative with the performance of the music, and its ultimate artistic l impact on the listener. Initial research will include historical research on composers, as well as research on the poets used as texts by composers for song cycles, and in order to select repertoire not only suited to the voice, and create a program that is profound in exploring human emotion. The basic historic and literary context, as well as translations done by the singer, will be drawn up in program notes for the audience’s benefit. The research paper (of at least 10 pages, double spaced) will detail and explore the connections of the recital narrative and explore the broader connection between poetry and music.

Honors College Research Project




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