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Bachelor of Arts – Education

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Educational Leadership


Education – Elementary Education

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Scott Hohnstein

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Educational Leadership

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Scott Hohnstein

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Disability and Equity in Education | Educational Assessment, Evaluation, and Research | Educational Methods | Health and Physical Education


Education has always played a role in society. As our society has grown more complex and topics, such as mental health or special education, become more taboo education is having to become more diverse in nature. Throughout the twentieth and now the twenty-first century, schools have been a public domain that students can receive services such as special education and extracurricular activities. With researchers more aware of the increase in mental health issues found in classrooms around the nation, another service is added to the plate of educators. How can we, as a society, continue to add programs that benefit students not only in health and well-being, but in academics as well? Are there educational programs that can aide in the successful implementation of services and academics?

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