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Bachelor of Arts

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Sarah Halvorson

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Elizabeth Dove


science, art, Montana, ways of knowing, sense of place, landscape, emotion, mountains

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Place and Environment


The future of mountain landscapes will be shaped by the landscape-related decisions we make today. These decisions are influenced by two major factors: what we know and how we feel. The interplay between emotional and analytical information is what motivates the decisions we make related to mountain environments and landscapes. Taking this into consideration, a partnership between art and science and a conversation between emotion and analysis can be instrumental in forming a holistic view of how humans relate to particular landforms such as mountains. This interplay between emotional and analytical information manifests in the decisions people make in relation to their engagement with geographical science, land use, and learning. This relationship supports the use of art in science and science in art, and supports an argument for fostering conversation between natural sciences and the humanities. This senior thesis explores these themes within the context of mountain landscapes in western Montana and is supported by four intaglio etched prints. These prints of four distinct albeit interconnected mountain places show, by example, that a partnership between visual art and physical science is both possible and affective.

Honors College Research Project




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