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Family, Rivalry, Mesoamerica, Fiction, Village

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For my Honors project, I present a long creative writing piece that borders on novelette/novella length. The subject of the story is based within ancient, Mesoamerican culture. However, it will still have large fictional elements, making it a type of historical and realistic fiction work. Having taken several workshops throughout my time at the University of Montana, this project compiles and uses the skills and critiques given to me through the years in order to better my writing skills.

Within the story two brothers find themselves at odds after the brother brings back a foreign girl to the village. Due to their already existing rivalry, the pair being a feud concerning the young woman that blossoms in a rather dramatic way.

The original research in this project is two fold. Primarily, the work displays my original creative ideas, constructing a narrative and building a world and characters following a specific plot. Secondly, a project such as this needs an aspect of research in order to correctly and effectively depict historically specific information within the fictional realm. Oftentimes the best fictional stories use a lot of research in order to display aspects of history or culture within the plot. This story, based in ancient Mesoamerican culture, has much original research in order to accurately create the plot and world within.

The appropriate length for this project is a little over 30 pages. It is adequate space to allow the characters to come to life without over stepping into novel territory.

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