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Bachelor of Arts

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Environmental Studies


Environmental Studies

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Jason Mandala

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Environmental Studies


Farming, sustainability, outdoor education, pigs, PEAS Farm, children's literature

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Agricultural Education | Agriculture


In autumn 2016, a controversy arose when a student group, Advocates for Animals, took up a campaign against three meat pigs at the PEAS Farm due to strong views about animal consumption. Pigs serve as a central piece of food source education to hundreds of Missoula children who visit the farm every year. Unfortunately, the controversy overshadowed the educational purpose of exposing children to sustainable meat production practices. Moreover, access to the PEAS Farm and good food education is not available to all local children. I wondered whether education was accessible elsewhere. Unfortunately, child-appropriate, culturally relevant food literature is scarce. In my research, I read and critiqued dozens of children’s books on food and farming. However, much of the literature is outdated, inaccurate, or dull. In response, I have written and illustrated a children’s book that provides accurate and relevant information with engaging illustrations. This book could reach an audience that cannot visit the PEAS Farm or access other sustainable food education resources. Offering this kind of information to children allows for important discussion of where food comes from and what kind of food we want in our community.

Honors College Research Project




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