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Professional Paper

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Bachelor of Science

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Business School


Management Information Systems

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Suzanne Tilleman, Ph.D.

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Business School


software, JIRA, Confluence, globalization, tech, strategy

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Strategic Management Policy


This research consists of an external and internal analysis of, as well as a strategic recommendation for Atlassian, an Australian software company. The external analysis will use various frameworks to analyze the following: changes and trends in the environment, Porter’s Five Forces industry analysis, competitor analysis, industry segmentation and demand issues and opportunities in the industry. The internal analysis will use various frameworks to perform an internal resource assessment, financial resources assessment and assessment of opportunities for the company. The analyses are used to identify the competitive dynamics in the external environment and the strategic factors that make the company stand out, which allows for a thoughtful strategic recommendation to be made. The strategic recommendation for Atlassian is to expand by market development in emerging markets for knowledge workers and tech startups, specifically, the countries of Ireland, Sweden, India and China. The recommendation will include justification, strategic alternatives, an implementation plan, financial projections for the and a risk assessment and contingency plans.

Honors College Research Project




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