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Bachelor of Science

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Business School



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Suzanne Tilleman

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Business School


Evertec, Transaction Processing, Latin America, Puerto Rico

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Business Administration, Management, and Operations | International Business | Training and Development


Our research seeks to improve the operational effectiveness of Latin American transaction processing firm Evertec, headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The unstable economic status of Puerto Rico—as the site of headquarters and as the source of approximately 7% of Evertec’s total revenue—is of external concern, though there are promising technological trends occurring in much of Latin America. The risk of entry by potential competitors in industry appears high, but all other risks as outlined by Michael Porter’s Five Forces are low, indicating an attractive market. Internally, Evertec exhibits several core competencies, including innovation, end-to-end (comprehensive) service, community service/social responsibility, and reach of databases. Though operating in a national economic crisis, Evertec’s revenue has consistently increased, and the company plans to continue expanding further into Latin America in the coming years despite evident employee dissatisfaction. With all factors considered, our research suggests Evertec pause further international expansion to develop internally, promoting internal hiring, cultural awareness, and thorough onboarding/continued learning opportunities for employees on all levels. The recommendation will cost approximately $7.3 million/year for a projected five-year implementation period, but net income is expected to decrease only slightly in the short-run before re-stabilizing and ultimately increasing in the future.

Honors College Research Project




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