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Bachelor of Arts – Education

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Curriculum and Instruction


Education – Elementary Education

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Jan LaBonty

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Curriculum and Instruction


Dual language immersion, Spanish, kindergarten, education

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Curriculum and Instruction | Elementary Education and Teaching


It is nearly necessary in today’s world for aspiring educators to have some knowledge of a second language. Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs are popping up all over the United States and Missoula’s education realm is no exception. The purpose of my research project is to share my personal firsthand experience in the Paxson DLI kindergarten classroom and inform readers about the benefits of teaching a second language at the kindergarten level. The creative research process that I followed by participating in this classroom as a volunteer, planning an English/Language Arts lesson, and finally carrying out the lesson to 16 students in Spanish, provided me with intriguing insight regarding how an educator effectively instructs English-speaking students entirely in Spanish. This project and process are applicable and beneficial to my future in education because of my interest in becoming involved in teaching students through a language immersion program. Through my experience, I hope to encourage community members, parents, and students to become involved in a program that, backed by ongoing educational and psychological research, will truly benefit the futures of today’s youth.

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