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Bachelor of Arts

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Sociology – Criminology

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Dr. Dusten Hollist

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Dr. Jackson Bunch


community responses to sexual assault, victim advocates, sexual assault victimization

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Criminology | Other Social and Behavioral Sciences | Politics and Social Change | Social Control, Law, Crime, and Deviance


The purpose of this study is to examine issues associated with the reporting of sexual assault victimization to the police and police responses to these reports. The information gathered will be used to inform best practices regarding future responses by the Missoula Police Department (MPD) and other stakeholders. The information will also be used to inform a larger investigation that will take place after the current pilot phase of the project ends. Evidence gathered from the data collected shows that many officers are conducting successful interviews with survivors of sexual assault. A majority of respondents state that detectives made them feel safe and comfortable. Additional data also suggests that detectives are informing survivors of the next-step proceedings throughout the entire process, contributing to a more positive reported experience by respondents. Survivors are also being encouraged to use additional services outside of the police department, which leads to greater satisfaction with the reporting process.

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