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As a part of the Global Leadership Initiative capstone project at the University of Montana, my group created a website and transportation program that works to increase access to healthcare in Missoula, Montana. Ancillary aspects of healthcare such as health literacy, transportation, housing, and food are all major factors affecting a person’s health. Our project titled UM Volunteers for Global Health Access seeks to unite University students and the low-income population in Missoula in order to provide rides to healthcare appointments. The transportation framework will allow patients at Partnership Health Center to be connected with University of Montana student volunteers. It will be organized through our Non-governmental organization (NGO) to ensure that any legal issues we face in transporting patients are addressed.

Since a volunteer transportation service seems to be an effective way to increase access to healthcare in Missoula, Montana, I wanted to research the potential for implementation in Vietnam. Unfortunately, the large population size and fact that almost everyone has their own motorbike suggest that a volunteer transportation service would be ineffective. Instead, increased public transportation is the solution to increasing access to healthcare via transportation in both the rural and urban areas of Vietnam.

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