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Bachelor of Science

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Forestry and Conservation, College of


Parks, Tourism, and Recreation Management – Nature-Based Tourism

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Elizabeth Metcalf

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Forestry and Conservation, College of


Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument, recreation, visitor experience, management plan, Wild and Scenic River

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Recreation, Parks and Tourism Administration


The Upper Missouri River Breaks National Monument (UMRBNM) is known for unique recreation opportunities on a wild and scenic river. Visitor’s experiences are complex and can be influenced by new management regulations, perceived conflict, and crowding, which can impact overall user satisfaction. This study examines the breadth of visitor experiences on the UMRBNM and assesses stakeholders’ satisfaction of BLM management. Using a qualitative approach, in-depth phone interviews were conducted with Key Informants. Those interviewed represent a diverse group of stakeholders including advisory council members, non-profits and friends groups, outfitters and guides, and local officials. Interviews explored visitor experiences, satisfaction with management, and recreation use restrictions. In this paper, responses were summarized and emerging themes were discussed. The results will provide managers with baseline data to help inform future management decisions.

Honors College Research Project




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