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Athletic Training


Athletic Training

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Valerie Moody

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Athletic Training


Context: Dynamic stretching has become a universally accepted practice used to increase flexibility, reduce muscle injury, and improve performance. In addition to stretching, deep heating modalities such as pulsed shortwave diathermy have been used to increase range of motion through deep heating. The premise for this study was to see if combining a dynamic stretching routine with a diathermy treatment would improve range of motion (ROM) and postural control. Purpose: The purpose of this repeated measures study was to assess the effectiveness of both pulsed shortwave diathermy and dynamic stretching on hip flexor range of motion and postural control. Participants: Three males and six females between the ages of 18 and 30 completed the study. All of these participants were moderately active and had not sustained an injury to their dominant leg six months prior to the study. Methods: Each participant completed all four trials (diathermy alone, dynamic stretching alone, diathermy, and dynamic stretching combined, and a control trial) over the course of a month. Active hip extension and the Y-Star Excursion Balance Test (Y-SEBT) were complete before and after each trial. Results: The 2x4 (time by trial) repeated measures ANOVA revealed no statistical significance for hip extension and Y-SEBT (p=0.817 and p= 0.367 respectively). Conclusion: This research intended to determine diathermy’s outcomes on increasing ROM and postural control in the hip flexors and how these effects could be enhanced by a dynamic stretching routine. All of the participants regardless of trial improved however, this was due to a practicing effect. Therefore the results of this study were found to be inconclusive for all trials performed.

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