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Bachelor of Arts

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Biological Sciences, Division of


Biology – Human Biological Sciences

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Dr. Mark Pershouse

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Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences


The success of students’ entrance into medical school depends on a number of different applicant factors. Two factors that many schools look at first are the academic scores: medical college admissions test (MCAT) and the grade point average (GPA). This research project looked at the possible correlation between these metrics and the success of the premedical students. I utilized the data that the Association of American Medical Colleges retains for applicants of the past five years and the data supplied by the Director of the Premedical Sciences at the University of Montana. The results did show the significant impact of the scores being above average for students applying to medical schools. The results can also be utilized to identify schools where students from the University of Montana have a higher probability of receiving positive responses.

Honors College Research Project




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