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Bachelor of Science

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Business School



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Dr. Bambi Douma

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Business School


This applied research is an integrated component of a larger project for the School of Business Administration capstone course. In the capstone course, I worked on a team of four students to develop a full business plan for a client in Missoula, Montana. The client is in the process of starting an aerial photography business.

My individual research addressed the critical risks for my client in starting their business. I specifically focused on privacy issues when operating unmanned aerial photography platforms (UAPP), more commonly known as drones. I compiled research on the current state of privacy law, both at the federal and regional level. Being a new industry, there are few specific regulations relating to privacy and UAPP use. However, many groups are pressuring the Federal Aviation Administration and the government to develop regulations. Through the application of an ethical framework and deep analysis of the stakeholder groups affected by the operation of UAPPs, I provided recommendations for my client to operate effectively and prevent problems from arising regarding privacy issues.

Honors College Research Project




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