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As a senior business student at the University of Montana, I am enrolled in a capstone called Strategic Venture Management. Over the course of the semester, students work with local business owners to build a business plan and address specific issues the business faces. I chose to work with Cherry Berry and Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, a fairly new cobranded franchise in Missoula. As an honors student, I am required to complete a project that involves research on a topic within my chosen field. I elected to combine my Strategic Venture Management class with my honors thesis in order to have a realistic application of my coursework over the past four years. The work for my honors thesis was kept separate from my Strategic Venture Management class, but both projects sought to address the awareness problem of the franchise. The research conducted for my honors thesis will directly benefit a local business and enhance the business plan prepared for the business owner. The research will hopefully reveal the current inhibitors to the awareness of the Cherry Berry/Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory franchise. The survey will direct consumers’ attention toward issues of location, advertising, and brand identification. This document contains information on conducting awareness studies, a literature review examining the current situation of the business, the methodology behind the survey, a hypothesis, a copy of the survey given to respondents, an analysis of the data collected, and a conclusion summarizing the research and findings.

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