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Entrepreneurship, Missoula, Culture, startup


Recent developments in technology and connectivity have allowed locations not typically thought of as hubs of entrepreneurship to grow and develop the entrepreneurial spirits within their cities. Locales such as Missoula and Albuquerque have recently made steps towards becoming more robust centers of startup culture while giants like Boston continue to set the standard for cities that foster entrepreneurship. No matter the location, each city takes a very similar approach to developing startup culture and businesses within their city, but each location has its own unique advantages and disadvantages when it comes to developing new businesses. Missoula is a unique locale that embodies the pioneer spirit that once drove people westward, and it is seeking to become a larger player in the entrepreneurial world. However, Missoula still has a variety of roadblocks to starting businesses that entrepreneurs in Missoula will have to overcome by seeking out new and creative ways of doing business. Startups originating out of Missoula will most likely never become the next nation-wide brand, but their founders can still achieve success in a different way.

This paper intends to compare and contrast different locations to achieve a better understand of how entrepreneurship works in small towns as well as major metropolitan areas. It addresses recent entrepreneurial trends while analyzing how the different locations can best take advantage of these trends. The paper also seeks to better understand how entrepreneurs in Missoula can feel the success of running their own business while still maintaining a healthy focus on quality of life.

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