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Daniel Sullivan


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Marine Corps Master Sergeant Daniel Sullivan describes his decision to join the Marine Corps, where he served 21 years, playing clarinet and other instruments in Marine Corps bands. Sullivan talks about auditioning to become a member of the band, the role of the band to provide musical support to the troops, and traveling to different places to participate in parades and educate citizens about what the military does. He notes that the military bands in which he played would also teach master classes to high school and college students as a way of connecting with them and letting them know that the military provides musicians an opportunity to work in their field. Sullivan describes the different places he was stationed, including Japan, Hawaii, California, and Parris Island, South Carolina, specifically recalling his time at Parris Island where he was the acting band leader. He discusses why he chose to retire after serving 21 years, the lack of camaraderie that he felt after leaving the military, and the difficulty of reintegrating into civilian life. He details his struggles finding a civilian job because many employers don’t understand the breadth of military experience. He briefly mentions why he chose to return to the University of Montana to pursue a degree in computer science.


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U.S. Military; U.S. Marine Corps; Military basic training; Parris Island, South Carolina; Military bands; Musicians; Clarinet players; Military concerts; Military parades; Troop support; Band leaders; Conductors; Computer Science; Reintegration; University of Montana; Civilian life; Missoula, Montana; Job searches; Veteran support; Camaraderie

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Daniel Sullivan Interview, November 24, 2019