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Florida Field Naturalist


Florida Ornithological Society

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During the breeding season of 1995 we monitored the proportion of adult and subadult Snail Kites (Rostrhamus sociabilis) attempting to breed and the number of breeding attempts using radio telemetry. Our sample consisted of 23 adults (14 females, 9 males) and 9 subadults for which we had data over the entire breeding season. All adults attempted to breed at least once with an observed average of 1.4 (± 0.6 SD) breeding attempts per individual. In contrast, only 3 (33%) of the subadults attempted to breed. Of the adults, 15 (65%) made one breeding attempt, 7 (30%) made two breeding attempts,and 1 (4%) attempted three times. Only one bird (4%) successfully raised two broods. Our data are consistent with previous reports that >1 breeding attempt by Snail Kites in Florida is common during some years, although our estimate for 1995 was lower han previously reported estimates. A combination of our estimation procedures, definitions of a breeding attempt, and annual variability of this parameter probably account for the disparity between our data and previous reports.

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