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'It Just Happens Here': In a perfect storm of risk factors, Montanans grapple with barriers to mental health care -- The Other End of the Line: Crisis line workers meet struggle with empathy -- 'The Most Eloquent Prayer': How the Chippewa Cree are fighting a suicide crisis on Rocky Boy's Reservation -- Their Own Remedy: Veterans navigate a lack of mental health resources -- Embracing Forest Bathing: Through meditation, guidance and science, locals are centering nature in their healing -- Tripping for Treatment: At the fringes of care options, some Montanans find hope through psychedelics -- The Montana State Hospital: A brief history highlighting the hospital's important events from 1874 to the present day -- Living the Paradise Paradox: The resort town of Whitefish seems perfect, yet its citizens still suffer -- A Light in the Dark: A Montana transgender teenager's journey for gender affirmation -- Worry Over Climate: Defining mental health impacts from eco-distressers


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