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Montana: Scoring the Dolezal Debrief -- Billing the Bereaved -- Digging Deeper by the Week -- The Language of Gender and Sexuality -- Records Go Online -- Mugshots and the Right to Know -- Montana Brings Shield Laws Online

The West: Good Cop, Bad Press -- Bucking Censorship of Student Speech -- East Coast Story Shakes Local Press -- The Reluctant YouTube Sensation -- New App Prospects for Tourists -- Using Analytics to Negotiate Contracts

Cover Story: Journalists on the Wildfire Beat -- Extra: Crowdsourcing Fire Science -- Extra: Fire, Weather and Climate -- Extra: Burnt Budgets -- Extra: Politicians Knock Drones Down

Features: 4 Ways to Better Freelance Pay -- Decline of the Capital Bureau -- Q&A: Matthew Bunk -- High School Paper Reignited -- The Budding Coverage of Marijuana -- Our 2015 Errors and What We Learned -- Laws of War Leave Journalists as Targets -- A Strict No Comments Policy

Forecast: The Shadowy Web of Native Advertising -- Scientists Break the Stories of 2016 -- Q&A: Ira Glass -- Journalism Ethics Need a Radical Reboot -- The Montana Film to See This Year -- The Kids Are All Right Working Online


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Correction: The article "Controlled Burn: How the Lee papers are changing capitol coverage in Montana," which was published in Montana Journalism Review 2016 (web and print), gave the age of Jayme Fraser as 24. She was 24 when the article was reported, but turned 25 before the article was published. The error has been corrected.

Correction: The article, "Bear the Heat: Why the media shouldn't protect advertisers from negative reader comments" (Montana Journalism Review 2016), stated that Billings Gazette Editor Darrell Ehrlick declined to say if the paper has a policy about removing comments on stories that may reflect poorly on advertisers. Rather, he did point to the Gazette's general, posted policy for commenters, which makes no mention of advertisers. The article was revised accordingly.