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Montana Wildlife Federation v. Mont. Bd. of Oil & Gas Conservation, 280 P.3d 877 (Mont. 2012). Russell Michaels

Reichert v. State ex rel. McCulloch, 278 P.3d 455 (Mont. 2012). Pam Garman

BNSF Ry. Co. v. Feit, 281 P.3d 225 (Mont. 2012). Jordan Peila

In re Marriage of Funk, 270 P.3d 39 (Mont. 2012). Dylan Jensen

Parish v. Morris, 278 P.3d 1015 (Mont. 2012). Trevor Carlson

Norris v. Fritz, 270 P.3d 79 (Mont. 2012). Kathleen Molsberry

State v. Covington, 272 P.3d 43 (Mont. 2012). Samantha Stephens

State v. Cook, 272 P.3d 50 (Mont. 2012). Fallon Stanton

Montanans Opposed to I-166 v. Bullock, 2012 MT 168 (Aug. 10, 2012). Quinton King

Patterson Enterprises, Inc. v. Johnson, 272 P.3d 93 (Mont. 2012). Carina Wilmot

Miller v. State, 280 P.3d 272 (Mont. 2012). Michel Fullerton

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