The Liberal Studies Program at the University of Montana has as its primary focus the study of the cultural records, literary works, and ideas that contribute to our common inheritance. The Liberal Studies Program offers students the opportunity to work in a combination of disciplines in the humanities, including literature, philosophy, and history. The research and creative scholarship by the faculty of this program is interdisciplinary in nature, including studies into general humanities, Asian studies, religious studies, and women's gender and sexuality studies.


Submissions from 2009


Eloquent Parrots; Mixed Language and the Examples of Hinglish and Rekhti, Ruth Vanita

Submissions from 2003


The Self Is Not Gendered: Sulabha's Debate with King Janaka, Ruth Vanita

Submissions from 2002


Homosexuality in India: Past and Present, Ruth Vanita

Submissions from 2000


Mariological Memory in The Winter's Tale and Henry VIII, Ruth Vanita

Submissions from 1994


"Proper" Men and "Fallen" Women: The Unprotectedness of Wives in Othello, Ruth Vanita