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Accounting | Finance and Financial Management


Instructors teaching the introductory accounting information systems (AIS) course generally include some type of group project to reinforce the principles emphasized in this course. One of the challenges facing AIS instructors is which type(s) of group project(s) potentially improve the students’ overall course learning experience, while at the same time addressing future career student objectives. If the AIS instructor has a mix of students with such differing career goals when teaching the AIS course, it is important for the instructor to consider possibly offering a variety of project choices for the group project. We test offering a ‘menu’ of software and case study group project options reflective of several career choices students have after graduation. We also describe how the instructor can operationalize such a ‘menu’ approach effectively using a learning management system (LMS), a minimal level of grading assistance, and other factors. We then measure student satisfaction with this approach, as well as the impact on the instructor’s teaching ratings of such an approach. Finally, we measure the impact of a ‘menu’ choice on students’ performance on the comprehensive final examination in the course. This paper provides empirical evidence in support of a ‘menu’ approach for group projects in the AIS course, a ‘menu’ which can be altered to accommodate the career aspirations of students majoring in accounting in most programs across the nation.


accounting information systems, group projects, teaching evaluations, learning management system (LMS)


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