Agenda and minutes from the May 4, 2022 meeting of the Associated Students of the University of Montana (ASUM). The following resolutions were discussed:

SB116-21/22: Resolution Establishing a Paid Position in the Student Music Union

SB103-21/22: Resolution Encouraging the Native American Studies Department to Add More Indigenous Language Courses

SB108-21/22: Resolution Requesting ASUM Switch All Search Engines to Ecosia

SB109-21/22: Resolution Urging the University of Montana to Institute a Naloxone Policy

SB110-21/22: Resolution Amending the Bylaws to Require Ally Training for Executives and Senators

SB111-21/22: Resolution Amending Article 5 Section 2(11) and Section 5(3) of the ASUM Bylaws Regarding Third-Party Endorsements

SB112-21/22: Resolution Encouraging the University of Montana to Establish a Raccoon Sanctuary Instead of an Art Museum

SB113-21/22: Resolution Requesting UM to Change the Mascot to a Racoon

SB114-21/22: Resolution Implementing a Super Awesome Fantastic Excellent Good Academic Space Program

SB115-21/22: Resolution Demanding Free Tuition for Bears Wandering on Campus


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University of Montana--Missoula; Missoula (Mont.)

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