The Department of Teaching and Learning offers focused, field-based teacher preparation programs with an emphasis in developing collaboration, diversity, and curricular integration. Research and creative scholarship by the faculty from the Department includes studies into early childhood, elementary, secondary, and literacy education; instructional design for technology; educational statistics; ecological effects on education; and the history of education.


Submissions from 2012


A Review of Urban Indian in Phoenix Schools, 1940-2000 by Stephan Kent Amerman, Adrea Lawrence

Submissions from 2008


Language, Sovereignty, Cultural Contestation, and American Indian Schools: No Child Left Behind and a Navajo Test Case, Teresa Winstead, Adrea Lawrence, Edward J. Brantmeier, and Christopher J. Frey

Submissions from 2003


Ecology Education When no Child is Left Behind, Lisa Blank, Carol Brewer, Okhee Lee, Aurolyn Luykx, Susan Barker, David Slingsby, Karen Hollweg, Kathy Comfort, and Rodger W. Bybee