Many thanks to the Sponsors of the 1985 Symposium:

  • Clark Fork River Basin Project
  • Montana Academy of Sciences
  • Montana College of Mineral Sciences and Technology


  • Anaconda Minerals Company
  • ASARCO, Inc.
  • Champion International Corporation
  • Montana Power Company
  • Washington Water Power Company


We of the Coordinating Committee extend our appreciation to Montana College of Mineral Science and Technology for the use of their facilities and for helping with other arrangements of the symposium. Thanks to the Supporters for helping make possible the publication of the Proceedings and for bringing in speakers. We offer special gratitude to each of the authors who gave of their time and helped make the symposium successful. The invited papers published herein received anonymous technical review and we deeply appreciate the time and effort of the reviewers. Our very special appreciation is given to Miss Marilyn Harris, Intermountain Research Station, Missoula, Montana, for doing the final typing- and layout for this Proceedings, and to Mr. Bryan Owen, Intermountain Research Station, for his help in cover design and other artwork.

Editors: Clinton E. Carlson and Loren L. Bahls

Coordinating Committee

Richard Appleman, Environmental Engineering, Montana Tech, Butte

Loren L. Bahls, Water Quality Bureau, Department of Health and Environmental Sciences, Helena

Clinton E. Carlson, USDA Forest Service, Missoula

Howard Johnson and Brace Hayden, Office of the Governor, Helena

Cover Illustrations

Illustrations on the cover of the Published proceedings.

Right--The Colorado Tailings at Butte, Montana, contain toxic heavy metals that contaminate ground water and the adjacent Silver Bow Creek, in the headwaters of the Clark Fork River. These tailings contribute to a complicated, persistent, and serious pollution problem in the upper river. (See "Hydrogeology of the Colorado Tailings" by Ted Duaime and others.)

Left--The Clark Fork River 20 miles east of Missoula, Montana appears serene and uncontaminated to the casual eye. However, toxic heavy metals from the Butte-Anaconda area have pervaded much of lower Clark Fork and are a perplexing problem. (See papers by Rice and Ray; Johns and Moore; and Phillips.)

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