The Collaborative Language Planning Project (CLPP) is an NSF-funded collaborative project awarded to the UM Linguistics Program and Chief Dull Knife College. They held their first meeting in May. The CLPP outcomes have the potential to implement indigenous ways of knowing into language documentation projects.

In addition to principal investigators Mizuki Miyashita and Susan Penfield of UM and Richard Littlebear of Chief Dull Knife College, other members include Irene Appelbaum and Leora Bar-el of UM and Alyce Sadongei of the American Indian Language Development Institute, as well as a number of participants from Montana tribal colleges.


Submissions from 2018


Collaborative Language Planning Project: Report from First Meeting, Irene Appelbaum, Leora Bar-el, Sean Falcon Chandler, Iva Croff, Aspen Decker, Richard Littlebear, Mizuki Miyashita, Helen Parker, Susan Penfield, Alyce Sadongei, Mina Seminole, Steve Small, and Michael Turcotte


Collaborative Language Planning Project: Report 02: End of 2018, Mizuki Miyashita, Susan Penfield, and Richard Littlebear


Collaborative Language Planning Project in Montana, Mizuki Miyashita, Susan Penfield, Richard Littlebear, Alyce Sadongei, Leora Bar-el, and Irene Appelbaum